The Royal Convent of Santo Domingo, located between Calle Sevilla, and Rosario, has the origin in an Almohad fortification that once conquered Jerez by the monarch Alfonso X in 1264 was given to the Dominicans, who gradually were expanded the building and be complete the work of the cloisters in 1595, in Gothic style, after the expropriation, the order was expelled and went through various private owners until in 1983 expropriated José María Ruiz Mateos and passed to the city council. After 12 years of construction, rehabilitation was completed in 2012. Claustros de Santo Domingo-1-2 It was composed of a series of buildings that occupied an entire Big Apple, currently only make up the Church and Convent, built after the turn of the Dominicans to the city. Claustros de Santo Domingo-6 pequeña

There are a variety of styles in the set, ranging from Gothic to neoclassical Mudejar. The facade towards the mall cristina two distinct bodies, a triumphal arch with a single arch and double pilasters, and another body with three floors high with gable on the windows, toward Aladro square door field, with an arch, two pilasters and topped by a pediment.

Claustros de Santo Domingo-5 pequeña

In the cloister, a large square courtyard with four parterres of lawn and a central source, are flanked by five pointed arches on each side of the yard and spurs interspersed between them. On the upper floor, lower in height, we can see rectangular windows topped by arches.

Claustros de Santo Domingo-8 pequeña

Inside we see on the ground floor vaults and the more easily resolved with recessed arched top floor.

Claustros de Santo Domingo-9 pequeña The use of the current building is dotacional and much of the building is devoted to exhibitions.

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